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Christopher Reed

Debra Perry-Reed

Jarrett Grubbs

Debra Perry & Jaidyn's Call was started in 2010 by Christopher & Debra (Perry) Reed. Debra is no stranger to Gospel Music. She was the original soprano for her family's group, The Perrys. Debra now travels with her own group, Jaidyn's Call which consist of her, her husband (Chris), and lead singer, Jarrett Grubbs. 

Their group is named to honor their disabled grandson, Jaidyn. Jaidyn was born with a condition called Hydranencephaly and was told if he survived birth, he would probably pass away within the first year. What a miracle the Lord has given and they’re so thankful to let you know that Jaidyn is now 13 years old! All praise goes to God! Jaidyn has no upper portion of his brain and is profoundly disabled. He can't walk, talk, crawl and is blind but has a laughter and smile that is so contagious and will light up any room.


The ministry of Debra Perry and Jaidyn's Call is to sing and proclaim the Gospel but to also share the testimony of their journey with little Jaidyn. With tight harmonies and a powerful testimony, you’ll want to have Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call at your next service or event!